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Fostering the Journey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on public support to make our programs succeed. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to join our Journey assisting our children.

Let's Make a Change

Here are some ways that you can donate:

By Mail

9829 Meadowview dr

Overland, MO 63114


Make a tax deductible donation.

In Person

Visit one of our local events


Fostering the Journey believes that every child deserves to feel supported and know they are not alone. Through advocacy we can help every child in the foster care system to reach their full potential. 

Fostering the Journey Giveback

A sweet teen in the foster care system said that she only wanted some hot puffs and different flavored sodas for her birthday because she loves mixing them.(Oh and fried chicken) Fostering The Journey giveback was able to provide that and a little more. Its so much easier to spread love than hate. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. More info on how to donate or volunteer coming soon

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